Beth Kanne-Casselman Intake Forms

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of
gold and silver.
~Mohandas Gandhi

Santa Barbara Family Therapy Fees and Insurance



$165.00 per 50-minute session (For youth, ages 18 and under, sessions are 45 minutes)


I am in network with Anthem Blue Cross

More information about insurance:

How does insurance work?
First check with your insurance carrier.
Check your coverage carefully and find the answers to the following

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  • How much do you pay for an out-of-network provider?
  • Is there a limitation on how much you will pay per session?
  • Is primary care physician approval required?

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan for in network or out of network providers.

Insurance Reimbursement

Reimbursement is not guaranteed.
The following points are important to note when considering whether or not you want to use insurance, whether your therapist is a provider in your network or if you have an 'out of network' provider (meaning they are not on your insurance carrier's contract):
You must have a Mental Health Disorder diagnosed for insurance to pay. Having a diagnosis does not guarantee coverage. If your insurance company does not reimburse then you are responsible for the full session fee for any sessions not covered. Diagnosis remains in your insurance file and could potentially be accessed by other insurance companies, your employer, etc. Once your confidential records are submitted to insurance your therapist can no longer protect the information.

Upon request, I am happy to provide you with a Super Bill that you can submit to your insurance for possible out of network reimbursement. Please note that reimbursemesnt is not guaranteed and is up to you to learn about prior to our meeting.


I accept checks, cash, or locked Venmo payments upon the closing of each session unless other arrangements have been made.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours cancellation notice is required or you are responsible to
pay the full session fee of $165.00. Please make every effort to contact me in a timely fashion to avoid this unnecessary charge.

Please make every effort to contact me in a timely fashion to avoid this unnecessary payment.